10 tip for Students Become Entrepreneurs unadorned

entrepreneurship.gifMas facts taken from this site, during the course I think we as students had started their training. I did so pinginnya passed directly to independent companies make their own aliases. What I do. (Mary, Peterborough)

I am helpless kupret gold, students informatics techniques coding ability, but weak. If you create a design-life bearable gold, and photoshop coreldraw that peganganku each day. I dream of their own sensitive business, just what I think and what I need to learn now. Help me dong gold. (Irwan, Bandung)

Two questions that often appear when I fill the seminars and workshops on the campuses of entrepreneurship. Questions that we should appreciate because we have a generation of young spirit to live independently and do not depend on the sympathy of others. Many of how I answer, only to students who may still plain and simple, I gave 10 tips as easy as following.

1. Learn the background force one friend. Father and mother working as what, for example. Is there a doctor, manage clinics, hospitals or pharmacies? Or perhaps there is a bookstore or library manager? Oh there may be a work in the workshops? Learn all the information and search as much as possible? Experience for what? Hush silent first, second follow the tips.

2. Ok now select, find a friend who can be invited to compromise, which is quite close to or even friends, and have the same spirit to jump start a free business. Assuming we select a fluke or a father have to manage pharmacies. During digimanain want to continue doing?

3. earch for books in bookstores, there are books I learn about programming language to build applications using the example or management information system (SIM) for the chemist? Find the books until they are shelves in bookstores. Sometimes there are books that although the design covernya bad, but a complete study of the case, even the source codenya divided. Why can? Ok let's go find that open source only, try to check from sf.net, I sure can be found. Experience, if not also nemu? Try Googling it)

4. Now the oprek SIM to pharmacies overnight. Commercial learned the code, oprek and add functions as needed. I still think very simple. Open all image file, either gif, jpg, and png. Make editing or create a new image that is unique and special. Essentially percantik design, this lightly, and especially gamecock your image and photo manipulation (origin not porn):) Do not forget to check license that does not melanggat, and also give credit to the developers of origin if it open. Why should a loss to insert a clause "Powered by .... "Or" Engine by ... "in the SIM Pharmacies that we oprek yesterday.

5. Eng-ing-eng ... we have a software product that is ready to offer smart, simple and engine, although it ngambil example from the book or open. I obrolkan with a friend who we select before, ask him to "persuade" his father would use the software so that the SIM in the pharmacy he owned. Why should pay tut, free, live provides a PC or laptopnya course, I need to Hobbes advanced-advanced. Old computer just yet SIM, we also have not fiturnya.

6. uccessfully implemented hurray! Both with our friends before, help the employee pharmacy data to the data entry list of drugs provided by pharmacies. Do not forget to make banners and brochures on the computer was given a note: "This Managed Pharmacy with Pharmacy Management Information System (SIMAPO) ver 1.0")

7. Do not be satisfied until there, a site for the campaign, if the capital was used only with the free blog or Wordpress.Com Blogspot.Com. Maybe the pictures, SIMAPO describe how it developed. Also write the introduction of management information system, about drugs, about the pharmacies, about why pharmacies should take advantage of IT. If necessary pampered visitors with a list of pharmacies throughout the country, from which the data? Yes search of YellowPage or Googling yo) Ops so rusted, do not forget to give it around a bit: "SIMAPO ver 1.0 has been implemented in the One Pharmacy in the Big City in Indonesia."

8. Still not be satisfied:) touched another friend who has a neighbor, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle or brother both far and near who manages pharmacies. Requested that want to install, free, but if I want to also pay nolak, Rp 500,000's like, if I be Rp 50,000 for his problems. Assuming there is a fee only up to install the SIM numbers is:). Do not forget to update the banners and brochures, "This Managed Pharmacy with SIMAPO ver 1.0, Management Information System for Pharmacies that have been implemented in Some Big Cities in Indonesia."

9. Just can have two customer coi! Although still free, but bearable for nambahi Portfolio) Commercial oprek-oprek more applications Pharmacies we add features based on feedback from the Pharmacy, which already use. Fix more user interface, percantik again, create a more fresh and unique, give the new version 1.1. Start offer again, free again not only Rp 300,000 to Rp 700,000 or so okay, but when friends ask themselves the origin of some road freight is also OK:) Hopefully can continue to develop, or in the 1-2 year not to have been started follow-up to tender with the Ministry of Health Limit Rp 100 million for the SIM, so ... I Pharmacies

10. If you have cooked with a product, continues to refine the product until the full fiturnya. If interested, and to develop other products, start again from the first stage, find a friend that his father had a shop, library manager, a book store, etc.. Experience who can know bikinkan application for the workshops, library or book store. :)

Susan feels, after passing through the stages to 10, two students unadorned we have become two of Entrepreneurs:) In the friends who still another helter-skelter bring job application letter, the second is when graduating students are already independent, reliable products that have , Ready for sale and offered to various institutions or companies. In fact, entering university is not futile too, the science learned in college can be used to God our lives, can even open a new field of work:)

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How to Become Entrepreneurs 1001

Story 1
In Bantul there is a seller of fried rice and noodles, which are located in areas from marketing glass eye "is not strategic." Yes indeed he was selling in the village itself is rather difficult access entrance alias only way to land. He is a staff in one of the institutions of government and also complained that another fortune selling noodles and the fried rice.
Long before familiar with the theory of "irresistible offer sensational" that digemborkan the elders tda, the father has been practicing the theory that marketing is very simple but cespleng this.

Alone with the seller & rice noodles fried most, stalls champion mo (about so-called) to do with the way marketing practices often appear on the radio, although only send "one". Activities send one to himself or to his wife, sometimes also from his wife for their families, etc., are routine and are marketing the end that there peryataan about the stalls and rice noodles fried champion I was.

For example: "Greetings to Geri Wati, last night at around stalls of the meeting I champion, can eat fried rice that uenak it," for example "but also" one of the gold Basuki, Mbah Mo gratitude of my friends happy at the top of the dinner I place champion ".... etc are all done champion ... I own extraordinary.

Then do not forget to also spread a brochure to be done to the middle of the city. And you know the news more effectively ... I wonder stalls champion became known even to officials and artists had to place to sample fried rice noodles & racikannya. The minister also president had in place and are even langgana sertiap Jogya sure to stop by to place the actual location of the remote and difficult to reach.

In terms of taste are also standard but a scar, not much different to the other. And now he has employees, including her parents into their own employees. I work at my salary and the other was still serve as a child. This happens all came from his dreams that he wants to come to every kiosk, he does not care about ordinary people, artists, officials and the president. I want to be past the Entrepreneur, now have a real dream, so that God is not mistaken for mengabulkannya ....

Story 2

When my office work there, to the coordination office renovation Reps Bojonegoro years ago, I tergelitik stalls with the ball in the street Reps office I visited was in the right corner of the crossroad, near the red light. There are glaring in writing his list plank "Bakso Ora Patek delicious."

Name as it is, but if you do not eat asked how many people are eating a meatball in this place, and indeed many sizable baksonya pretty good, the campaign is very little tonight ... and I also told this by Cak Fud and Pak Panca to some of my days ago. And perhaps also have been published in the magazine entrepreneur and finance. Proved that the name is important to create branding, software would also create "Soto But Patek delicious" he .. he ..
Next ...?
Two stories that initiated the discussion by Cak Fud (full name Abdullah mahfud), a businessman Chemical supplier to large industrial original surabaya. And ternyta Cak Fud this is that often people I met when I still lived in housing galaxy gorgeous earth (araya), one of the elite housing area in surabaya.
We equally often work at the mosque praying arroyan located in the complex and also the same as the priest when the priest permanent replacement (Luqman Baswedan pack, the buying and selling automotive and pack Zubaidi, the Assistant Dean I FTK ITS) to attend . I just knew he was a businessman and also ikhlash a mentor for beginners like me this.

Fud smack reminded that we must have a dream that is a specific description of the future that we will achieve. Short said the dude we need to be for ourselves. Because the boss is always right, boss is more rich and the many liburnya boss. If there is truth to my statement is also named as the boss is a better all the wealth, position and the more attractive he can manage his life with the best.

And that is all the more important it should be oriented Hereafter hehehe then the world will serve us. Remember the story Soichiro Honda, founder of the automotive business empire "Honda" of the industry and the market system ..? We may imagine if he was alive GO but we see the exact opposite, he is very simple life with a house and not bequeath property to their children.

And he never says "people I only see the success of one percent. but I do not see 99% of my failure. so, when you experience failure, then you can start dreaming, mimpikanlah new dream. "Individuals are extraordinary ... So I think if we would consider it easy hehehe also will be easy, so where would select ...?

And then he delivered a very important For the operators and prospective employers, including:
An entrepreneur should have a financial intelligence
Clever, it does not guarantee success
Successful people are those who have failed more than other people
People who are successful as many people take advantage of clever
Success is the price
Employers are lazy to work ... but smart thinking

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One of the consequences of the work is to get the money, somehow it is called salary, incentives, commissions, bonuses, or any evidences. And when a type of work we differentiate a work of the "fun" and "not fun", while the amount of money that may be obtained we distinguish in the category "little" or "small" and "many" or "big", then the likelihood of the following four ancha :
Rata Penuh
Quadrant I: Fun but a small honorarium
Quadrant II: Fun and great rewards
Quadrant III: No fun and benefits small
Quadrant IV: No fun, but big rewards

First, there are the types of jobs, "fun", but only to provide benefits money "little" or "small". Second, there are the types of jobs, "fun", and provide benefits money "many" or "large". Third, there are the types of jobs that "not pleasant", and provide benefits only "small". And last, there is the type of jobs that "not pleasant", but provides benefits money "large".

If the four possibilities that we apply in the work of the main breadwinners us at this time, the first question is: Is it fun working or not? Then, somehow work it fun or not, the question derivation is: Does it provide benefits in the amount of money, large or small?
If the work is fun, but the benefits are small money, there are still reasons to maintain. The same also applies when the job is not fun, but it benefits big money. In the second case this score may be 5:5 alias balanced. To make a difficult decision to leave or maintain the types of jobs there.

Will be the case if other work is fun and benefits are also big money. Reasons to keep the job that became very strong. Indeed have an ideal job there. Fun work will make us productive, and the benefits of productivity will make it feel valued properly. Thus, both our work and the employers will gain the same. There was a win-win relationship in such work.

As if the job that we should do is not very fun and benefits the money is very small. Logically this kind of work should be immediately abandoned. Do something that we do not like the results will not truly productive. On the other hand, because we are not productive then lost the reason for the employers to provide greater benefits (salary increase, for example). Here was lose-lose, both parties only injured.

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Based on my experience, which is more than 15 years of business, the fall ... ... wake up ... wake up ... and continue to (i ... more clear up his dong); it is very closely related, between business planning and human resources planning it. To be successful business planning, the plan must be associated with human resources planning it. Similarly, the planning so that human resources can be successful, it must Hobbes associated with the business strategy plan.

I also realize that planning is something that is very difficult, especially if this is the future! The fact of the planning of human resources, it includes a process to anticipate the future that is not stabilized, with some assumptions to support the third-menentuan.
That is the difficulty of it ... planning, which can sometimes make us fall in business. Therefore, I try to write down some things that should at least be remembered when you make a business planning related to human resources planning it, such as the following:

• Have clear goals. This is an obligation that must be done early in the planning process. You must create targets that right and ensure that targets are associated with vision-mission of your company.
• Klarifikasikan assumptions you. List your assumptions associated with the individual in the company, such as time, culture, leadership style, target marketing, the growth target, etc.; so that the planning of human resources that your plan can work. Do research by talking to people in the company, seeking what they see as needs, and determine what problems they face; that may be assisted with the planning of human resources. Try also to study the appeal to other companies, and talking with business consultant.
• Make a planning horizon. How long are you, which is considered enough time for strategic planning for human resources? It is important to note are: 1) where the position of your business now; 2) where you hope business will be in 3 years?; 3) where your business cashflow position at the end of the third year? You also can create a time frame longer.
• Involve all key positions in the process. Involve all the best leader, manager and your company in the process of sustainable human resources system this draft, although initially only be done at the top level of leadership and the owner.
• Identify the problems of human resources strategy. Introduction and analysis of problems of human resource strategies in this company associated with the achievement of the business plan.
Included in the plan is to analislis making company, and estimates demand for Labor and its positions.
• Identify the training needs of staff. Need analysis of the problem for the company's operational training needs in the future, determine the target and create training programs, including the acceleration of experience.
• Plan the development of key employees and succession. This is a very important note to make those key position in your company. This is necessary to introduce a new position to the candidates that had been prepared for the turnover department.
• Create a budget. Making this budget are easy to do, if anything at the top of the business plan related to human resources is really well prepared, planned in writing.
• To reset the (review) early results. What was your reaction after a follow-up of your planning? Please note that a system of human resources is a logical growth of the business planning cycle. And, that the planning of human resources is a continuous process that formed from the business plan. In turn, later, you can change the elements of the program, based on the experience of next-business experience, and you can always improve the process for the following years ... along the journey of your business.
Congratulations business plan and human resources in your company. Good luck!

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Discipline and Competition, Take Lessons from the World Business and Military

For entrepreneurs, students and business, Sun Tzu is not a foreign name. Books containing basic thoughts of experts on ancient Chinese military strategy is more recently referred to enrich the business strategy in the business world that is increasingly complex and broad.

Sun Tzu does not own. Various writing about military strategy has become the literature students in the field of management and business. In addition, the business world also recruit more senior officer as a retiree skilled reliable won the competition in an increasingly hard in the business world.

If the business world to take advantage of the many military education, how the political world?

Best Alternative

It should not be formed by military leaders, said former Minister of State in the Rudini M. Joseph A.S. from MedTrans, "but as far as this organization know that the principles of good discipline of the military is. I Thus, according to this temporary, that is the best alternative available, and we have to admit it. Sedot first system, it is understandable if a new release themselves from military. No need no longer participate in civil-military take-ber's military, the civil system has its own discipline, release. "

In this general view of the shelf, in addition to more discipline in many ways, the military also can run more superior and subordinate to each accustomed to running all with good command. But it does not disadvantage their grip on the administrative law.

"Its time I go to a civilian," said Rudini, "I make a leadership course for Camat, Camat, so they know how to lead it must be run. Only to instil discipline I love 6 months. The material to build the lead and responsibility as leaders . The result is good, so the assessment at least the House. "

Phase Change Mental

For Rudini, discipline problems that infect the civil service is not separated from the program and the construction of their recruitment. "To enter the civil servants so there is no phase change into civil servants," said the former Army Chief of Staff Army this.

As a comparison, Rudini menyodorkan example in the National Military Academy (AMN), who is now a AKABRI. AMN are in basic training that teaches everything and change the behavior of a person, such as shooting, respect, training, exercises and learning the line how awake the morning. "How to behave as a true military, which is done by the AMN, change someone so fully Military," said the general retiree four this enthusiastically, "That was not done in the reception of the civil service." Basic training program is three months plus a program of 6 months advanced training, divided for. There are trained in the tank, there is a section on the radio, on the infantry corps and others.

"Now, the civil servants who are not like that. Entrance examination only pay thin," said the former Minister of Home Affairs this. Q4 What? From elementary schools to universities continue to be given, but no influence. "It does not need basic training as soldiers, but to change human nature, is the most important. How to change a community into a regular civil servants, that does not happen in the civil mechanism," said the Rudini.

However, a senior officer retiree satisfied with the experience of this optimistic quality civil servants can be improved, and in turn become a supplier of resources for the tip-top national.

With the human resources available can only institution of bureaucracy we now leader of both, Rudini said, "We as a whole, the pay-Mechanism to pay its revenue in the process." Overhaul of its roots indeed, all starting from the bottom of it so there maturation process.

STPDN students had complained that they must start from a ravine. "I try to compare myself with the graduates of military academies in the United States but also a lieutenant and tasks in the forests there.'s Experience, that experience that I can make so general," he said.

Career Paths

Actual Empowerment of human resources is the employee's duty to the National Administration Agency, Indonesia should be computerized, all starting from the bottom, although the regions. Opportunities each person must also be the same big, so its per competitor be very Strict. If this order can be so good, so that it in any way Minister also came from that point.

Conscious that the ministers are political positions, most do not expect Rudini department director general, inspector general and others are people who understand, not those who do corruption, collusion and nepotism.

Government should be more self menertibkan carefully and determine the source of their human resources. Imagine it in every province in Indonesia, there are certain universities, may be what people around the country we are still only less?, Rudini accountable, "Therefore I once instruksikan the governor to make the high school, nonsuch high school, in order not to lose a high school graduate with similar in Java, so the opportunity to graduate with large and can AMN. "

However, Rudini regretted the attitude of the Government until the current lack of ability to graduate-graduate education leading. Even private companies very much appreciate the quality.

"Just Literature, civil servants and it is a little July, the competition is also not transparent," said Rudini, "the private sector to the quality of that company is not Insolvent. Bureaucratic management and the need to fix the request knowledge about confinement. "

Government should do this. For, there is the State Minister of State apparatuses Utilizing a special deal with matters such as this. Comparing the increase in the levels kariri civil, Rudini explain in the body of each increase military positions there are always training, such as career education. The arena at a time can be selected. This should be done continuously until retirement, up pensionary this senior officer, "who do not have it so strong. People force even I have no pension, while still pangkatnya colonel. Mau how that skill he has been, better reverse course huh? "

Competitive soul

While the world of business, SWEETCAKE Stamboel, Managing Partner of Price Waterhouse Coopers, a leading business consulting company, to remind old proverb 'Rome was not built in one day. "It requires more than just a long winding road for the purpose of achieving the competitive spirit needed to achieve and that the most important," said the XMLHttpRequest,
"He should be ready to hear the opinions of others. The company is a leader Tor Point, a komunikator who is also a good comms was good."

For All, concerning the leadership of the national question can be symbolized by the leadership of the company. "If you use the analogy is a country, said the consultant leading this," the shareholders or stakeholders from the big companies named this is the people of Indonesia, Board of Directors is the government organization and its employees are government officials. AGM is usually done five years, shared this habit can be changed every year or once the "shareholders" want. "

Then if 'shareholders' does not feel satisfied with the performance' board of directors' then 'shareholders' right to dismiss them, and the board of directors election mechanism should also be transparent, in accordance with the performance given by each person. Board of directors have the right to determine who should get the campaign, but in accordance with the demands of 'shareholders', namely increasing the value of shares in a company called (state) of Indonesia means that the increased living standard, improvement of income, the ease of obtaining education, equality of rights and other . That is the meaning of increasing the value of shares.

So for me, more XMLHttpRequest, a leader that both countries are running towards the peak in accordance with their ability and able to serve and provide a guarantee of satisfaction for the people, so that I will bear community, led by a leader with the character.

As the old people in the business world, SWEETCAKE believe the competition as a natural filter for the prospective leaders.

"I do not believe that all people have the capability to become a leader and not all people also want to be leaders of business," said the XMLHttpRequest in the M. Joseph A.S. from MedTrans. So necessary willingness, capability, vision, nyali and the ability to communicate can become a business leader. After all is ready-prepared to compete, because although not all people want to be leaders, but the competition to the direction there are very strict, however become a leader is often considered as a measure of success. A businessman who both need to prepare himself to be a leader, not withdrawn until he became a leader because he was in second position and is in second position because of "default".

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Gold legal in the World Business?

Paragraph known as the "Golden Rule" or the Law Kencana is the one word that is often considered impossible to do, what else in the business world.Which may be beneficial if the business can be run based on the Principles, "as you would want that person to do it, and we also do it to them." But this is possible. A large retail employers in the United States, JC Penney had to display ads that read:

Many of the business is secular can, and the service is religious. But I can never accept the separation. Is not the service is part of the core business? For me, business is also religious and secular.

JC Penney is the son of a servant of God who serve in rural Missouri. His father served without receiving salaries and pay their families with farming. His father is a righteous, and often these teachings to inculcate in themselves Penney, "Do it to other people, as you people will do for you. "His father wanted, "Goodman, if you follow the law Kencana this, you will undergo a remarkable life for God and God will keep you."

This left a deep impression in the lives of Penney. Christian values that put his father to make a principled person and difficult to compromise. Although Penney aspire to become a lawyer, but his father is not able to finance studies. After middle school graduate, who is the father wrestled with the disease of tuberculosis (TB) to ask his friends in memperkerjakan Penney stores sell the materials to dry. Penney has skills in trade and BOS very like it. But the disease that eventually snatch his father's life is also infected and the doctor himself to suggest to move to places with a more dry climate. Penney then decided to wander into Colorado.

There, he successfully gathered enough capital to open their own business. The first business establishment is a small store that sells meat. But this business can not survive long because they refused to fix Penney biggest subscription, a hotel chef in the city with a bottle of whiskey that he'd like to order from meat.

After the failure of business first, Penney may be disappointed and despair and concluded that the principles of honesty and values are not noble teachings of the Bible can be applied in the business world. However, this does not happen.

He decided to return to work in the shop. Everything that he do, do it with sincerity and full commitment. After several years he offered a job as assistant manager at a shop called "The Golden Rule Store" or Kencana Store Law. Store name reflects the principle that life, and he felt sure that it is God's will for the work in situ.

Owing to strong business and his honesty, the store is growing rapidly and Penney offered to Shareholders for the new Stores to be Opened in other cities.Although Penney did not have enough capital, but that other shareholders did not make it. Penney is a diligent worker and a diligent. Only within 5 years, Penney not only able to pay for the capital loan business partners, but it has enough funds to purchase shares owned by business partners and the other a single store owner.

Penney based successful or because of the ingenuity maneuver his business?Not at all, he never left the principles existing in himself. Based on the principles of honesty, he do innovasi-invovasi new that has not been applied by other people at that time.

In 1900an years, the selling price of goods is not set, but in each transaction, the seller will offer a much higher price and the process will occur in fresh-bidder long before the selling price agreed to by both parties. Penney stores owned shop is one of the first to apply the system "one price for all people." Penney set a fair price and low enough. Workers who set a higher selling price will be reproved by it.

Only time in 7 years, Penney has successfully Opened a network of 22 Stores. It certainly also received benefits in the store, and Managers at each store offered to become the owner of the store that he managed. In 1927, twenty years after opening its first store, Penney and the manager has his sleep spreads across 1,000 cities in the United States.

But the Great Abuse or a decline in capital markets in the year 1929 runs as the United States and all investors who planted the capital in the banking sector and property, Penney lost all personal wealth in one night. Losses experienced about 40 million dollars. Not only Penney, but many investors that went bankrupt and almost daily suicide cases occurred after the monetary crisis. Personally, Penney has lost everything, but must bear the debt of 7 million dollars.

This makes Penney is very important. It must release all service and in the home and family life to be shattered. In the age to 56, he experienced severe depression.

During this Penney has a life and business based on Christian principles, which are planted by her parents, and he also is giving enough work to God, but faith is now being tested. Penney said, "I like people who have lost grip." "My business collapse, communication with colleagues,and even wives and children of my increasingly distant from me." Penney even think to do what is done by many investors that bankruptcy is likely, that is suicide.

ut a friend tempt him ever to Seek treatment in the hospital. In to despair and depression or weight, God will touch his person. One morning, he got up a bit since the morning and breakfast is not yet available, it is walking in the Corridor, and she Heard a song that she often Heard in the small time.

No matter what strikes, do not grieve

God will protect you

Everything you need, he will provide

God will protect you

Following singsong voice Penney find a group of doctors and nurses are being worshiped in the chapel. One paragraph read, "Come to Me all who pooped and berbeban weight, I will give relief to you." (Mat. 11.28)

Given that experience again, Penney write, "At that time, something occurred to me that I can not explain. I experienced a miracle. Experience met with God in the morning to transform the life of me, and since then I become different. I have seen God in His glory. "

During the twelve hours after that, Penney had a kind of repentance. "In a sudden, I feel need to be heard, I cried from the heart, 'God, if you will keep me? I can not do anything even from myself!" Penney wrote, "I feel I am being moved from darkness to in the light. " The words "believe only" come to him. "In the midst of a failure to believe, I assisted to return trust."

Although at that time, he is no longer young and burdened by debt 7 million dollars but Penney get new strength to rise again. He successfully rebuild their business with a loan. In mid 1930an, business success and return personal wealth has increased.

Penney renew support to various charities and contributed to more than 100 service organizations in the United States and around the world. Millions of dollars donated to the work of God. As a tribute to her parents, Penney established a community to accommodate the servants of God who is retiring. Penney Retirement Community still exist to this day. Similarly network retail stores JC Penney, which is a network of retail stores is the third most in the United States today.

Penney often re-told a meeting with God in the hospital. He admitted the mistake was made because he trusts success, and not God. Even Penney in the understanding of certain Christian leaders is not a great, but as a business leader, its commitment to apply Christian principles in the business world can become the inspiration for us, especially in this era where the spiritual life are often separated from the life business.

However, the need to be considered are the principles of Christian does not always make us rich. Sometimes he can make us poor. However, these principles should we apply in every aspect of our lives.

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When the World Business Finding God .....

There is some literature that is quite interesting lately, from the Megatrends 2000, Megatrends 2010, Spiritual Capital, and last Meaning, Inc.. There is a red thread by Patricia Aburdene (in Megatrends 2010) as the awareness of capitalism. Strengthening the argument, Patricia mention the wave trends in business with corporate social responsibility movement. Some kampiun business such as Intel, Motorola, Microsoft and become a locomotive leading Bodyshop in this case.

Further, Patricia reveal at least 63 million consumers in preference to a product or service select manufacturers that have the values of ethics and lifestyle better. This fact strengthen the signal that the market is increasingly complex, forcing producers to continue to change from a value oriented product oriented. Where the values of ethics and morals is very important.

The professional business also began to feel thirsty with spiritual values. Keberjarakan between soul and body to create human life in a sequestered themselves. Similarly, during a search of this success and wealth are not leaving the end find a soul. With the various ways professionals also began searching for the meaning of life in the life of their career. Work also is not separate from the search is the meaning of life. All the stories written by the slick Gurnek Bains, a specialist in industrial psychology Inc. A meaning.

Interesting to whether the trend-awaited resurrection of a new awareness of the spiritual values of this does not fall in the middle of the road .....

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In time, factors World Business

Rich people collect money thousands of times more than the ordinary people in the same time, because they use the time factor. Ordinary people have added value, but he forgot time factors. Wretch forget create added value, especially time factor. Creative people use factors times of disaster, but also negative, so when he fell down or go bankrupt and he fell in profusely. Meanwhile oang the dead, so he will dwell alone. I ..

We can only sell 1 billion and fortune. Although I have never sold like that, but I'm sure many of them. We can also sell 100 times, and each blessing of Rp 10,000,000. Many people also sell 10,000 times, and each blessing of Rp 100,000. Or sell 100,000 times, and each blessing of Rp 10,000. More light to sell 1,000,000 times, and each blessing of Rp 1000. Or even sell 10,000,000 times, and each blessing of Rp 100. same, but Rp 1 billion.
That's the time factor is used in the fuel business, toothpaste, cigarettes, instant noodles, etc.. They use a tremendous FACTORS INTO TIMES this. Once you our toothbrush, once the money flow to the company's toothpaste, however, how many times your toothbrush, and how many hundred thousand people toothbrush?

People who have large capital can create a large company (koorporasi) for this, such as drinking water producers in the packaging, household needs rumauh, cigarettes, fuel, and so forth.
In the world of mathematics, or time factors kerennya term multiplier effect, causing the company to quickly become terrible.

Business is usually slow because the system will still use alternative Factors such as the 2 2 = 4, 4 4 = 8, 16 16 = 32. This can also be advanced, but more slowly. But when you have a business that has a time factor will be like this: 2 x 2 = 4, 4 x 4 = 16, 16 x 16 = 256. Far greater results.
Time factors apply in all fields, both in the field of finance, business, scholarly, technology, the technology and so forth.

In the business world, the time factor can be achieved in many ways as well.Eg using it in the Internet.You see examples of how Google became very rich with thousands of players using AdSense not?. Time factor can be achieved with the publishing, advertising or promotion, using the power of marketing (such as sales, distributors, affiliates, etc.), or use of the model, using many branches, selling in bulk, and so forth.

In the Javanese language, time factors, called ping, ngeping. Perhaps the results of your business once the transaction is not much, but the ping piro? so many. In ancient science, the seventh time factor "piecemeal into the hill." Imagine!, So the hill. In the world of credit, factors that facilitate the time many people. Try, I pay the site 36 ping hard we may have a home. yes correct?

Correct? that time is running factors naturally. If you want to become rich, use the time factor as possible, in the sense that is very broad. I will bring you more focus on the time factor in the world of multi-marketing, because this is my field, using the internet to make it terrible!
If you are interested in starting, please read the menus and the other on the left you.

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Business Ethics in Business World

Speaking question of business ethics, we talk on the sifatnbya abstract. There are two things that we need to understand before, the first words ETHICS, and a second business. Ethics, is a general agreement to manage the relationship between people per person or per person with the community, or community with the community yalai. The behavior of this need to happen mutual relations which do not harm among people per person, per person, or between people with the community, groups or between groups in the community.

Ethics, which is then poured in written form, the policy was born in the form of: laws, laws, regulations, etc.. However, other than a written, there also are not written. No form of the written form of general agreement in the community or community groups. This agreement is then known as etiquette, manners, etc.. All forms of public or community groups have device, which rules both written or not written. The device rules are aimed to guarantee the relationship between the members is good. The same is happening in the business world. In the business world, there are also rules that a set of relations between business. The device is required in order to rule a business relationship that is held by "fair". The device is a rule of law, government regulations, the decision of the president, etc.. The device is set-peangkat internal business world. How to do business, related business with fellow actors, in the framework of a broader often we know, what is called code of conduct, iso, etc.. In the last few years, we are also familiar with the term Global Compact, Decent Works, Company Social Responsibility, which aims to set the business other than doing business with "fair" and has concern for the environment. Environment is about people, the environment, and rights-human rights. We take an example the Global Compact has general guidelines in applying it.

The following is a policy the Global Compact:
1. Business should support and respect the protection of human rights that has been declared internationally;
2. Ensure that it is not involved in the exploitation of human rights;
3. Business should support freedom of association and the right to negotiate collectively;
4. Elimination of all forms of forced labor;
5. Termination of the effective involvement of child labor;
6. Elimination of discrimination in employment opportunities and types;
7. Business should support the approach restriction violations environment;
8. Take the initiative to more responsible towards the environment;
9. Supporting the development and distribution of technology that familiar environment;
10. Anti-corruption.

Tracing the what the guidelines in the implementation of the Global Compact, the explicit inclusion of the violations of Human Rights (human rights). Business are required to respect human rights, either in the business environment internally, or externally. Question that emerges is, why should the various provisions is the fact that sometimes hamper business in running the business? In principle, the business activities conducted and directed by and for humans. Then the device in principle to set rules so that people do not become victims of business activities. Ethical standards, as embodied by the Global Compact slowly into public awareness of the business. In the framework of Indonesia, like the devices policy has become a must to be implemented, whether the policies of Indonesia, and policies that are global, and becoming "a kind of standard of" international. When the business of Indonesia ignore the various policies, the impact will harm its own business. Business ethics to become the basis of the various policies that are both "typical Indonesian" and yng are "global".

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Business Survival in the World

Sun Tzu's philosophy states, that the survival, a ruler must win in every battle. It won the war. If you do not win the war means perish. No survival!

It also applies the same company or organization in the business world. In the midst of competitive business that is increasingly hard these organizations, companies must have a strategy sehandal war strategy of Sun Tzu. If not, companies will dilindas competitors. The weakened,losing competitiveness, consumers abandoned, losers. And finally to a condition in which most are, namely bankruptcy!

How do battle in the business world in the century this information? First, compete for the grand strategy leading position in the business. If the strategy of Sun Tzu, the information in. I have an accurate map of the competition. In battle field or market conditions. Have the moral strength and leadership to drive all the resources companies.And the organization built a solid company, Adaptive, its high discipline, and have a work culture that is take.

In the business world, we must also fight for the defeat the opponent. How, creativity compete. Community innovation. In the days that changed quickly and completely this instant, creativity and innovation, accompanied by a high-discipline is the main advantage in the competition. Today we remove the new product. Tomorrow competitors appear with almost the same products and threaten our business. Even products can we dijiplak limitless.

If we stop for, the competitors will be two steps forward and ready to pierce our business. Stand or stop in the understanding of the creative and innovative, it is not the right strategy in the war. Attack is the best defense. This means that the company move forward with the attack Seeing the progress of technology. Seeing the latest innovations for the opportunity and access control markets.

However, a business organization can not be proactive or progressive move if it forming elements, namely human beings, failed to propel the organization. This departs from the Basic Assumption, which propel the organization is the human company. And this means, companies must have the human resources that have a wealth Mentality.

What wealth mentality which is very important for the existence of the company's organization? Mental learners, in the sense that people are ready to learn, ready to improve themselves.

Would like to continue to hone skills and always update ourselves.

Be open to change and able to process the challenges and opportunities the changes into the benefits of the company.

Mental creative, innovative and active in seeking new breakthroughs for the progress.

Have the discipline and professionalism is high in work.

Have a positive attitude to the relations between each other, by increasing the network or the network.

Oriented to the achievement of maximum results for the company. And many more.

That is the main mental wealth. If the organization has a company human resources rich in mental, prompting the organization will be faster. Cultural organizations will continue to grow in a very dynamic movement. Will continue to occur renewal for the renewal. Innovation is not stopping with the rhythm and spirit of working is very high. Flexible and easily adaptable to the market situation continues to change. Driven business organization or be ready to go faster again.

Organizations such as a solid business is able to move forward when the war opponents choose prone. Able to see the opportunities that are not visible competitors. And usually, with the readiness of the brilliant strategy, organization, business is not only capable of survival. But even able to control the market with huge profits. Similar to a big victory in the war tsar-emperor of China long time ago.

First now, whether you want to do business expansion of large-scale?

Does your business want to leap in the profitability?

What is the organization your company is ready to fight?

If all the answers yes, do not forget! Fix mentality of human resources! Start now!

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Dream fulfilled helps Muslims realize theirs (3)

Living well

His ability to predict commodities prices eventually led him to create his own energy-trading firm and to be named to the board of a local bank. He came to live in one of Houston's biggest houses, in one of its best neighborhoods
"I used to make a seven-figure salary and bonuses," Abdul-Rahman observes. "(But) by the 10th day of the month, our account was empty. My wife used to say: You must be married to somebody else. Where does the money go?"
His wife, Magda, says 70% of their income went to pay for their fancy house, which they financed with a conventional bank loan. Meanwhile, at bank board meetings, he grew uneasy after learning that some directors were defaulting on their loans to the institution.
It was 1983 and the Texas oil bubble was about to burst.Convinced that a crack in property values would follow, Abdul-Rahman listed his house with a real estate agent for $565,000, even though an enraged neighbor was listing his at $800,000. The couple moved into an apartment
"Our friends would come and weep and cry" over the apparent reversal of their fortunes, he says. Meanwhile, the neighbor's asking price fell by two-thirds.Abdul-Rahman moved on to a job in Southern California as a private banker at Shearson Lehman, a predecessor of Citigroup Smith Barney, and he applied his money-raising skills to underwriting Muslim mosques and schools.
He launched Lariba with the help of about 20 Muslim investors who raised $200,000, enough to finance one interest-free mortgage. "I said, 'Put in $10,000 (apiece), and if I lose it, don't hate me for the rest of your life,' " he recalls.
In the early days, Lariba financed a home or car purchase only once every six months. But over time, Abdul-Rahman built a profitable business. The big breakthrough came in December 2002, when Fannie Mae pledged to purchase $10 million of Lariba's mortgages.
Fannie Mae account manager Colette Porter says Abdul-Rahman's efforts fit a broader trend. "Faith-based organizations have become trusted (financial) advisers in underserved communities," she says.
With Fannie Mae's support, mortgage loan applications at Lariba doubled from 27 a month in 2002 — to 54 a month in 2003, according to Federal Reserve data.At Guidance, the climb was faster. Its mortgage applications soared nearly tenfold to 123 a month, totaling $278.9 million in 2003, up from just $22.4 million in 2002, its first year of business, according to the Federal Reserve. Mortgage applications don't constitute lending commitments, but most applications in the Muslim niche are funded, market analysts say. Through 2004, Guidance says, it has funded transactions totaling $400 million.

Due to this push, Muslim mosques, newsletters and TV channels now are abuzz with talk about Islamic finance. It convinces Abdul-Rahman that he is living the lead role in It's a Wonderful Life.
Next, he hopes to reach a broader market. "What we're trying to preach here is common sense," he says. "Live within your means. Never just follow the crowd."

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Strategies to create a vision

According to Peter F. Drucker, the foundation of effective leadership is thinking vision and mission of the organization, study, and enforcea clear and evident. Leaders set goals, determine priorities, and set and monitor standards.

Meanwhile, according to Tony Buzan in the book The Power of Spiritual Intelegence, vision is defined as the ability to think or plan the future with the wise and imaginative, using a mental picture of the situation that can and may occur in the future. The company's vision is the desire of companies that are ideal of carefully formulated, which determine the direction or future circumstances. The researchers see the vision as very important for the leadership, the implementation of the strategy and change (Doz & Prahalad, 1987; Hunt, 1991; Kotter, 1990; Robbins & Duncan, 1988; Sashkin, 1988).

Thus, the vision is the starting point of fact the next day a company. Vision, which is a very powerful ideas that can make the leap into the future beginning with the rally all the resources to realize the vision. Vision has the right lure and cause other people to make a commitment, generate energy and enthusiasm, to create meaning for the life of the company, to create standards that can be used to measure the success of the company, can be used outside people (customers) to measure the benefits for the company, a The main bridge between what is done now with companies that want the company in the future, is a major prerequisite for the moment and is the strategic basis for formulating the company's mission. Intel has a vision of encouraging ongoing innovation boundaries so that people can make life more fervent, more fulfilled and easier to manage. Intel's strong commitment to drive technology to make future has been the transformation of the world with a leap and bound. Intel is a company that always move in the circumstances, coal, creating an industry that never rest. Intel responses partner to develop innovative products and services, rally to support the industry can provide solutions with better resolution with collectively provide greater benefits and more quickly.

Bill Gates at the beginning of the founding of Microsoft, has the vision of "A computer on every desk in every home, running the Microsoft device." But after Bill Gates created the MS-DOS, it makes the Windows operating system as well as home use window (window) that caused Bill Gates to become Entrepreneurs richest in the world. It is not true is true that Bill Gates is merely a role in putting the PC in the office and at home in the world, but Bill Gates has the vision to see what is possible and the desire to change the vision into reality.

Thomas Watson Sr.. change the company name Computing Tabulating Recording Company became International Business Machine (IBM), even when not operate internationally, but Thomas Watson has a vision that the company later became the company that operates internationally. When Watson called the International Business Machine (IBM) many people when it razz. Even if there is a name that Watson is too grown-blown company. But now IBM is a modern company and the his manajer become role models by setting the white shirt, plain tie, the spirit of selling out. In 2003 this company was selected as the IBM computer that the world's most spectacular version of Fortune magazine.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon.com, just the beginning of a shop they book Why does he call the company dengue Amazon. Karen "River of the Amazon River is the largest in the world" said Jeff Bezos. How dengue River Nile. Nile River is a river in the world, compared dengue If the volume of the water Amazon River is just the Son of the Amazon River. Amazon river contains 20% water World, Jeff Bezos, the company has about soon become the company that controls the 20% pass the World. Amazon.com to open the site E-Commernya Month In July 1995, began Store they book From then Melua to the compact disk (CD) and then to give Lelangue now thousands of different products that give a different traders. In 1996, to sell the 15.7 million dollar gave a soaring 600 million dollars the year 1998. Amazon.com reported on 1 Sampaio On November 23 December 2002 the consumer in order to make the whole world 56 million items online shop to become the best 2002 version Yahoo magazine.

John F. Welch, Jr. (former CEO) of General Electric stated: "We use the three principles set the atmosphere for the operation and behavior at General Electric: no border in all our behavior, speed in everything we do and peregangan in each of the targets that we set" . Behavior without border rally twelve global business major, each number one or number two in the market, to a laboratory in the area of the The main products is a new idea, along with the general commitment to disseminate the company's history. Speed is something that does not usually found in the company of General Electric, General Electric, but in the form found in the speed of product development, design re-recycling (from order to delivery), set back the ability to reduce investment and factory equipment. Peregangan means using dreams to set targets that exceed the set target.

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Four stars in the world of work

According to the Gallup Poll, using mathematics and interpolation roughly, the following conclusions. If there are 1,000 individuals is a "type-Columbian" explorers who receive all the credit that has economic value that they find and claim, let us assume that each of them has 10 members supporting cast around the world in them - 10 people which is very important that there would be no without economic miracle without them, the amount to be 10,000. We then multiplied by 10,000 builders big business again by 10 to determine roughly the size and number of its rainmakers that are needed to continue to support the growth of total U.S. GDP. Ten thousand multiplied by 10 (to account for and give credit to the dominance of employment in small-to medium-size companies, which make up about 70% of the U.S. labor force) together with 100,000. In other words, only 100,000 stars of various sizes to create unforecasted growth in the current state of the United States, a country 300000000 people

Here is the part that's important for leaders: 100,000 stars of this growth will have made anywhere they live. If they have to prepare all the shops in Sioux Falls, Kansas City, and Fargo, all that happens in the U.S. Midwest. If all these groups have been living in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, or, $ 10 trillion will magically appear in Brazil.

Math is simple. One star per $ 100 million from GDP growth.

If you want to ask how to improve significantly to GDP your city, we will say you must find and develop stars 10. And you must create the largest incubator of talent possible. You incubator is the energy and pipeline work for the future. This will take some time to see the results you want, but you will not get them if you do not start with the star 10. The only other alternative is to buy growth, as companies do, with the acquisition. Leaders of the company's acquisition vs. organic growth all the time problem, and they know that organic growth is the best long-term strategy for every community organizations or persons.

To get a better idea of how to identify the hatch and the stars, our team code characteristics of the several hundred extraordinary business success, political and nonprofit leaders. Only four or category code that is required to classify them all.

1) innovators

Innovators get ideas that create new products, new markets, the value of shares, and incubate thousands of jobs.

They are often beaten by their discovery while working by an organization - a hospital, government, a company - or most often during their university studies. They are as possible, however, to follow them through the discovery of outside organizations as the inside. In any case, the discovery created the next big wave energy to increase economic activities and some of the hatchery work.

What makes a star innovator not only their creative capacity, but they are also rare talent for innovation in all aspects of their lives. The brilliant ideas are often born from the search for solutions to difficult problems, and new innovations that can solve problems and realize the idea. However, they are not necessarily those who bring to the market.

2) Employers

Employers are most recognized as a super-salespeople or rainmakers. Employers are those who see the picture, realize the potential, describes the steps necessary to make the idea a reality, and then bring innovators together with supporters to form a new business. Employers make money in their career or a new idea, whether this new business or new initiatives in an organization. Employers that rare gift of optimism and determination, which is, and will probably remain, new resources, the most valuable in the world. Optimism and determination of the more valuable in the equation of creativity and innovation because they are rarer.

It is also important to recognize the "social entrepreneurs" in this category, because they are the same importance to building heat, the growth of the city. Social surges from the businessman to provide positive energy through philanthropies. The work carried out by this increase cultural city, and they always increase the welfare of the community. Enterprisers social This not only creates a better city, they are economic and organizational work machines hatchery.

3) superstar

Superstar is a pursuer of achievement is very rare that a creative, talented people in extraordinary art, entertainment or sports. They are known as writers, singers, musicians, artists, chefs, architects, actors, fashion designers, politicians, football players and basketball, etc.. Famous people (celebrities) the need category because they are valuable as a magnet for the city where they live and work. But mostly because they are the economic engine for themselves. They create a new energy economy through the big movies, books, concerts and sports championship. Things that they do, related business to promote them, causing them to obtain support continuously.

4) Super eaten

Innovator, Entrepreneurs, and the terandalkan superstars, whether they know it or not, they have a genius keamapuan developers. They seemed as Super Mentor. They are people who say, "You can make an idea for the company. I will be the investors for you. "Or," We need support from professors back the idea. Professor need laboratory in the city. "Or," Let's start youth programs are best for the country. "

There are several types of Super Mentor. Often they are "father-city," wealthy businessman who has a deep concern about their city. They can be leaders in higher education institutions or charitable or religious leader or a CEO. Sometimes they are only ordinary citizens who have a deep commitment to the place they live and have the ability to find and encourage talent that has not terasah. In any case, the Super Mentor has a distinctive to identify and develop young stars and with the strong guiding hand and lead them.

Super Mentor also has the capacity to provide support and broad participation in local initiatives that will not happen without support. The growth of the city's best and fastest in the world run in the informal, not-selected group of Super Mentor. They work outside the local government and meet regularly to determine strategies and activities to help the city and the community to win the competition.

One can state that these groups make a Super Mentor greater and more positive towards the city from conducting local government. They have many or more for access to money and influence people as the government leaders who run their jobs, and they have many advantages with speed and fewer obstacles. And they serve a critical function - they are a fire innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Learning From Head lice and leaves everything

Everything is an animal that by God in Scripture in the Letter of An-Naml (all). He mentions in the letter that this man take lessons from the life of all. Everything is a group of animals that live in the land, and create a space that burrow terraced houses and a warehouse storing food winter. Orderliness and discipline are all in the kingdom as part of the human need to rest. All also have the ability to collaborate with other animals, is one of the leaf lice.

All types of head lice and leaves have a certain relationship called symbiosis. In symbiosis, different kinds of animals help each other. Head lice are the leaves of small insects that slow moving, living on herbs and eat nectar. These are nectar from the tree stem with a sharp mouths and long-term. When digested, changed into the nectar of sweet honey dew ndisebut. Material is then issued by the lice through organs called kornikula. Honey dew food craze is all red, which can take as much as produced by the leaves of the lice. With keep livestock tick leaves, all have backup always ready.

To protect moisture reserves, is considering all the leaves belong lice. For example, all lice move to the place that many nektar, and the search area when food is becoming too congested, all the lice will move to the region a more loose. Emmet also attacked each trying to eat the insects that leaves the helpless, even if the attacker may be far greater than all themselves. Scientists have not yet certainty when or how the special relationship began. However, with lice and finding all the leaves that have become a fossil, together, proved that the two species of insects have been helping each other at least since 30 million years ago.

All the stories and leaves the helpless, according to Stephen R. Covey called effectiveness, which is the balance between production and production capacity. Production is the result of the , the honey dew. Meanwhile, production capacity is the ability or assets that produce honey dew, the leaves of head lice. All strive to maintain and keep the lice leaves the best, so that leaves the lice embut still produce honey. All the action is effective.

In business, we often seek profits or result in short-term damage to production capacity or physical assets, such as cars, computers, phone, fax, and even our bodies or our environment. We rarely maintain or treat the car, computer, phone and fax. After the assets are damaged, then we realize that the new assets is a key asset. The cost to repair the assets are much more expensive than maintaining the assets regularly. So we have to do things that are not effective.
We also often talk about customer service. We often ignore the people who deal with customers, namely employees. So that we realize little by little after customers leave us. Loyalitasnya to trust and we lost. Thus we usually blame the employee. That action is not effective. If we want our employees treat customers well, then we must also treat our employees like customers. "You can buy someone's hands, but never can buy a heart. Is where the heart is loyal. You can buy , but can not buy them brain. That is where creativity, smart, understand. "Said Stephen R. Covey. To effectively acts it we must learn to think and lice leaves.

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Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft starting in 1975. When the company is still small, but have a dream "A computer on every desk in every home, running the Microsoft device." Microsoft created the operating system MS-DOS, and then create a Windows (Windows-window) that are found in almost every home and office.

Finally, it is now proven, the Windows operating system to control 80% of the operating system world. To achieve such a dream. Microsoft only smart people and then form a small team of creative for a project in a certain time. Every individual has a role with the appropriate knowledge and skills of each. Each unit in the company to do this job with the pattern of relatively the same, namely to make the team work is relatively small and simultaneously complete the task with success.

Each team working at Microsoft, has the freedom to determine how to best complete the task with creativity that they have. Nevertheless fixed by certain guidelines. Decisions are still a small power head of the small team. The design of the project objectives and activities is always presented to all members to be discussed together. Each team works to how to approach that will be used to complete the project. Proposal and discussed and discussed. The rejected proposal, the team must work to create a new proposal. The succes of Microsoft is not solely because of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, but more work is determined by the team.

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Many companies do not realize that marketing has evolved, from the marketing stage as a box of equipment, as a marketing strategy, marketing and marketing services as a culture. Based on history, marketing is seen as a clear function or department in a company which is responsible for product development, conducting a campaign, to determine the price, to determine the place, dealing with retailers and so forth. Sometimes companies throw big cost to from advertising in print media, electronic, Internet and create a large billboards along the roads a very big interest. But after customers that sometimes come with the company perceives no good. No with good and sometimes not satisfy customers who come with a cost that is very large.

"Marketing as a culture is a way of thinking about how to deal with customers how customers think about the company. But not a marketing department, but a state of mind or how to make a business or marketing is a culture that seep into a company "said James G. Barnes.

Customers will say in the company that we feel when their company-oriented marketing. They can identify the companies that seriously wish to create customer satisfaction.
The company should be based on the concept of relationship with the sincere and genuine customers. Many companies have been implementing the marketing relationship, but do not understand or appreciate the relationship that a sincere and genuine. For example, guarantee a certain product is not fully disclosed and clearly to prevent the sale, so customers are likely to have problems with these products and contact the company to get a replacement. Usually, the company replied with a guarantee that the answers are not valid anymore, officials manangani problem that customers are not in place or various other reasons that essentially can not be exchanged. At the time, the customer will be disappointed, frustrated and no longer believe the products and companies. If the company made, the company does not understand the meaning of a single-customer relationship and true. But the company has been marketing its downfall. In the case, if the product is changed so customers will be satisfied and sincere relations and will be remembered by customers, and will survive in the long term, although in the short term the possibility of experiencing losses.
Montgomery Ward Company, one of the companies collapsed because the United States ignore the customers. "Sin to in the retail world in a very competitive, the place where consumers want more options from time to time," said Mark Ingebretsen in the book The Way Company. Meanwhile, competitors Sears Roebuck, is considering competitors, so that the current Sears Roebuck is still successful.

My experience as a customer is not pleasant also treated many times. The old theory says if customers are not satisfied it will deliver to 12 people, whereas if satisfied, the customer will be told 12 people. But if I'm not satisfied, can I just told thousands of people, or vice versa if I will be satisfied also told thousands of people , either through print media, electronic and internet. I usually tell the weakness of the company is to be improved, so I remain a customer. If the company does not want to change these weaknesses, it may be that specializes marketing the company has collapsed, which means that the collapse of marketing strategies.
Companies such as IBM, Sony, Apple and a line of other companies had experienced failure in the field of marketing, but they learn from mistakes, and improve themselves from the company that eventually became permanent respected. Even Apple into a company with growth.

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Lnnya small companies that can win the competition with large companies more than 50 years is Belbin. Even now there are customers who have been living alone and the call Belbin every week. Belbin family-owned company is similar to Caviston, namely customers to their children and grandchildren.

Belbin do business surely only continue in business from the grandfather, brother and cousin. Belbin because they know the quality of service and attention to the customer. Customers are treated with respect and given the best service without considering the money they spend. Belbin is a specialist shopping customers to send customers home. For customers who use the services of transmission of this can be done through telephone, fax, even through the website of Belbin. Nevertheless, there are also customers who still loves shopping at the store Belbin.
A personal relationship with these customers, which can cause Belbin growing rapidly. Belbin also have customers who regularly that require delivery to the home during office hours because they work full-time and the delivery of services offered Belbin. Different strategies conducted with Belbin shops are some other potential customers to give them the key to the house Belbin. The keys are stored in secure boxes that are stored in the office Belbin.

The personnel delivering the order until the home is often also the owner of the shop can open the lock box and use once they open their home and refrigerator. Often the goods are set in the refrigerator, even throwing rotten vegetables that have been stored in the refrigerator, because the owner was not clean when home office because it is too tired, so that customers feel that conducted by the personnel Belbin. Sometimes the sender when the facts of customers, invited the first drink, chat and take a few minutes set the purchase to be included in the refrigerator. What is the benefit to send home shopping to customers? "Maybe I did not get the benefit. But we will not stop. We are indebted to him, "said Robert Belbin, the owner of the store. Mr. Belbin did not do the special, but that he usually do from the grandfather. Although not be financially profitable, but that is the value of Belbin That customer, so they remain loyal to the Belbin their children and grandchildren. In addition, they also recommend to their children and grandchildren, too. By the way Belbin did not know the difficult economy and the competition is very tight, Belbin pitch in their own way.
Level of trust from our customers to shop Belbin is because Belbin has been developed to treat customers with fair and responsive for many years. While some people said that the difficult situation such as this Fellowship, but Belbin was indeed provide the best example of a small store can compete with the big stores. Indeed, the situation that developed by Belbin is a situation such as the rural community between shop owners and buyers know each other and talk to each other and mutual trust and easy to hold in fresh bid.
Business by the beautiful example of the Prophet Muhammad and friend. One typical is easy in the deal and other like-like with the same communication appalling. Anas narrate that the Prophet never offer a saddle-cloth for drinking vessel and saying, "Who wants to buy a saddle cloth and drinking water jug?" A male menawarnya at one Dirham and the Prophet to ask whether there are people who will pay more expensive. A male with a bid price of the two Dirham and he sells goods in the (Timidzi, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah).

"God loves those who easily in the sale, purchase, repayment and billing. He who gives to the people of the suspension of the (to pay the debt) or lead to, then God will the light. Whoever receives the purchase back from those who deplore purchase, cancel, Allah (remove) admitted on the Day of Resurrection.

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Many complained that to open a business opportunity is not there. This is a classic complaint that can not be with us again. Indeed, to start a business we can do with a variety of ways, one with the education that we have.

Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of Yahoo start a business with education. They are students from Stanford University. Yahoo started from the back parking lots is now growing rapidly. Jerry Yang and David Filo started the business from small and simple. Jerry Yang describes the discovery that Yahoo is "an accident" when he and Filo complete. Filo and that this launch Yahoo when they sit in the universities, before they complete studies. They start doing business with the listing several web sites that they like and write some software that allows a website to get other web sites that will be placed on a web portal called. At the time established in 1994, named Terry's Guide To The World Wide Web. When they know that their sites visited by people from 90 countries, spontaneously say "Yahoo" and finally the words that are used to name their company. In 1999, Yahoo reach star status. Net income in quadruplicate fourth quarter of 57.6 million dollars, while revenue jump from 91 million dollars into 201 million dollars. Now, Yahoo is the best portal in 2002

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Value is the guidelines to act or behave that comes from within, in the form of the principles of how to live and make decisions.

Value, the first time are introduced by their parents in infancy and then added by teachers, religious belief, of association and the environment. Spiritual values, when this is the foundation of individual behavior is very important. Why it is important to know the value of an individual? Although this does not have a direct impact on behavior, values with a strong influence attitudes one. So the knowledge of the value system of an individual can give insight into the attitudes-attitudes.

With edge-known that the value of different people, managers can use the Rokeach Values Survey, the share value into two groups, namely the value of the instrument and the value of goals that can be used to assess the potential employee and whether the set of values they segaris with the dominant values of organization. Performance and satisfaction an employee will most likely be more very important, imagery, clack , and freedom will most likely be poor value conformity with an organization that organize the compliance of its employees. The manager will be more likely , with a positive rate, and distributing benefits to employees in accordance with the organization, and employees will be more likely event if they perceive that they are appropriate. This is the defense of the management strive for the selection of new employees to find candidates who not only have the ability, experience and motivation, but also a system of values appropriate (compatible) with the value system of organization.

The manager should be interested in the attitudes employees because of their attitude to provide warning of potential problems and because attitudes affect behavior. employe pride in and commitment to, for example, have come out and the level of absenteeism is lower. If managers want to stop the application and decreased attendance - especially among their employees productive - they will want to do things that will generate a positive working attitude, so write Stephen Robbins in organizational Behavior.

The company is guided by the value of proven success in the long term. Grameen Bank is a company that values with the vision of the world without poverty. Grameen Bank founded by Muhammad Yunus has only one purpose, namely to distribute credit for the poor in Bangladesh.

Values that put Muhammad Yunus to the employee or the staff to make Grameen Bank grew rapidly. First groups to help mothers are poor bamboo craftsman, has now helped 46,000 villages in Bangladesh. Moreover, if the business is guided by the value of worship to God, then the business will gain the most. "God loves those who easily in the sale, purchase, repayment and billing. He who gives to the people of the suspension of the (to pay the debt) or lead to, then God will the light. Whoever receives the purchase back from those who deplore purchase, cancel, Allah (remove) admitted on the Day of Resurrection. "Heat dawn.

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Anthony Robbins in the book Unlimited Power, said that most people in our culture be programmed to be afraid to fail. Actually, we all want something but never get another. We all have failed the test, suffering in love that makes the frustration is not successful, business plan, which then failed. The results of the word "that successful people, they do not see failure. They do not believe in failure. That did not count them.

People always get a successful outcome. Success super-success of our culture is not who does not fail, but people who know that they try something and do not get what they want, they get a learning experience. They use what they have learned and try something different course. They take new actions and produce new results. Abraham Lincoln is not the most experienced failure of at least 11 before becoming president. Asa Candler buyer the right packaging of Coca-Cola had failed to market the drink in the soda factory in 1899. Steve Jobs did not license the Macintosh operating system to other parties into the operating system fails to control the world, which is now held by Microsoft, Steve Jobs even had its own didepak from Apple. Akio Morita of Sony had also failed because they did not like the Betamax video better than VHS made Matshushita. video is VHS, because Matshushita would license the technology to other parties. Warren Bennis from Xerox had failed because they decided not to sell the PC, Xerox has the technology better than the other. Henry Ford failed in producing and marketing the ships and aircraft compared with producing and marketing the car. Soichiro Honda that is known about other people's success is only 1% of the failing 99% of people who are not known.
One of the assets useful today than yesterday is the experience of the day. People who fear will fail to behave is not something that may not be effective. This prevents them from taking action that can actually ensure the achievement of their desire. People who believe in the almost guaranteed failure is unavoidable presence. Failure is something that does not matter by the people who achieve greatness. They are not intended by the failure. They do not invest emotionally-negative emotions to something that is not effective. But surely there is no failure, but the results are not in accordance with what we want

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Easy - that you all are in excellent health and always get a blessing from God.

If there are people who ask us, how many age-mu now? So the answer is forty years or perhaps thirty years or twenty years and beyond. And, if we describe more then a year is twelve months, one month of thirty days, one day twenty-four hours, one hour sixty minutes, one minute is sixty seconds.

In fact, the age we are seconds and this is the second tap, tap of our heart, then we age is our heart rate. If we tap the heart stops, then we stop the age of this world.

In one of his writings that Mr. Mario: Trouble to you win

then every second of our lives, or any heart rate is to try other people how to win.

Others are beyond us, so let's order anyone around us that we will win with a quota of age that we have.

Our partner (wife / husband) is the object of life. Husband and wife are the clothes is clothes the wife of her husband. I have to win my partner, good is my joy, it is my sad wail. So I will walk beside him to win it. My child is the future points. So I present to WIN. I made the arrows that he separated from my his bow . Landscape most love, I present to you win. A friend should behave win as a friend presented Mr. Mario:

When the steps you advance your remote in front of us, exciting because we will follow you. When you stop or I stopped, rest assured that we will encourage you to strengthen the steps forward you the next.

In a Mr. Mario had the opportunity to ask us a question with a hitch: If you died, as if you want to be remembered by the world? Then he continued: "we should vibrate like this get very concerned and if the answer is only people who want to become unavoidable.

At that time I will remind the people in the event of a natural womb. Among the possible occurrence of a billion people from a father, we are only allowed to live and kedunia is born. So what if the answers about our brothers billion that we ask: highboy We have our self-sacrifice for you birth, why do you only become a human normally?

Companions, let's make every heart rate to make other people win, and the last close resistant writing this sentence with Super Mr. Mario from the following:

You have to build expertise in making yourself capable, generates more than you needs, and make yourself personally able to help other people with you excess.

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Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is a young Entrepreneurs ranked first in the world under the age of 30 years and is the latest technology, the golden child who was born on 14 May 1984 in White Plains, New York from the United States-Jewish ancestry and grew up in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Now living in Palo Alto, California. He is the son of a dentist and schools in Ardsley High School and then at Philips Exeter Academy and towards the finish recruited by Microsoft and AOL to a project-hacking. In 2006, he received at Harvard University. At Harvard, as a computer programmers, he continued to create projects that the first "Coursmatch" that allow students to see the list of students in one class the same. Next project, Facemash.com which is a specific picture rating site similar to the Harvard Hot or Not. The site online for four hours before Zuckerberg internet access revoked by the office of the administration. Computer services department to bring before the Administrative Board of Harvard University, he allegedly violated computer security and violate privacy rules and intellectual property rights.

Zuckerberg launched Facebook from space asramanya Harvard on 15 February 2004 and assisted Harvardnya Andrew McCollum success at Harvard and 2 / 3 of students to become members in the first two weeks. Zuckerberg then decided to expand to other universities, and assisted friends sekamarnya Dustin Moskovitz and Hughes Crish expand to Stanford University, Columbia University and Yale University, and other Ivy League colleges and universities in Boston. In early summer, Facebook has diluncurka at 55 universities.

At the end of October 2007, Microsoft purchased 1.6% share price by $ 240 million, the estimated wealth Facebook reached $ 1.5 billion. Some analysts and investors, a small part of Facebook estimate that the value of the company's far lower than that diperkirakan.Pada 6 November 2007, Zuckerberg announced that the social system of advertising in a new activity in New York and given the name of Beacon, which allows people to share information with Facebook, based on i browsing activity on other sites. EBay and the seller Fundango join to sell their products through Facebook. I let them know what they are selling through the Facebook news feed as a list of products sold. On December 1, 2007, the credibility of the Facebook Beacon program further tested when fed by The New York Times "basic accusations" the lie to Mark Zuckerberg newspaper pullout and the Coca-Cola with the same impression. On 5 December 2007, Zuckerberg wrote a blog news on the Facebook Beacon to apologize and provide convenience to users to determine the exit from the service .

Facebook currently has more active users from 66 million and sales growth is estimated to reach $ 150 million. Zuckerberg is the origin of the United States businessman who became wealthy in a relatively young age because they successfully establish and develop a social network site Facebook with the help of a friend Harvardnya Andrew McCollum, and this time he served as founder and CEO of Facebook. Forbes billionaire as of the record, on their own business and not because of heritage, which was recorded in history. Its riches is about one half billion U.S. dollars.

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Organizations must make changes to adjust to the competitive lingkungaanya. Technology, competition, economic shocks, social change, labor and political world is a strength that stimulate change. Advanced information technology can change the way to compete, so it can improve its competitiveness to compete with the company. Nevertheless, CEO of Unilever, Floris A. Maljers says "the biggest obstacle faced by the company in the face of globalization is the limited human resources, not limited capital."

Floris A Maljers
In the book Why Companies Fail, Mark Ingebretsen, said: "Companies need to predict future trends, to detect trends that must be faced if they want to continue to generate profit. The company also must devise ways to mengadapsi products and services they reach for the consumer groups that have not I pitch definition. The most important of all this, companies must recognize the fact that large-scale changes are natural, while the changes that the world is part of the new custom. Therefore they must lead to changes in strategy. 11 September attacks with the tragic incident shows how to change everything, sometimes the only time in the night. "Leaders of successful act lithe and supple in the face of change. In fact, he felt pleased that the changes will be touching himself in the most.
Most companies die, because subordinates should always follow their leaders that never changed. Historian, Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., in a book titled Strategy and the progress of the company's structure-American company, because it would make changes, especially in the management system. Chandler examines the four major American companies, namely General Electric, Du-Pont, Standard Oil company and Exxon. Availability changed from the fourth CEO of the company that makes the company has up to now still survive.
Employees are rice, while the style of management is lauknya. Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric when it says "We are the things to pawn our people, then we need to empower them, give them resources and out of trouble with how to use them." Jack Welch invest half time with employees, so he knows them, talk with them about the problems the company, praised their performance if they are good, but if they fling down their performance. He knows about 1000 employees who have good ideas and have responsibility over their work. Personal approach that made Jack Welch to the employees bear kasil remarkable improvement in performance. "If you win, we all win" Thus said Welch. That sebabya 27,000 employees of General Electric have shares. In 2001, General Electric was selected as "The Most Admired Company in the World" ranked first version of Fortune.
"Two corporate leaders is the largest this century, Alfred Sloan of General Motors and Jack Welch of General Electric. And Welch will be bigger than both of them, because they plan a new paradigm, contemporary, for which the corporation is used to model 21st century, "said Noel Tichy, from the University of Machigan, observers old-style managerial Wech. Thus, whether we will make changes or die?

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Globalization and free market are expected as the global effort to improve efficiency. Global trade to help many countries to develop more quickly. Globalization is also considered to make the developing countries gain access to knowledge that can not be obtained previously. Globalization is as if the progress that must be accepted developing countries, if they want to grow and fight poverty effectively. But for most people in developing countries, globalization does not bring the promised economic benefits (Stiglitz, 2002:6).

Globalization in practice, developing countries must pay for the welfare of the efficiency of the world's developed countries. South efficiency of the global fund for the benefit and progress of the North. Market failures or failure, market failure occurs everywhere, not only because of the conditional demands for the realization of the market that can be self-regulating is not met (because of the assumption realization of the competition-free for the formation of a pure free market is not proven empirical-realistic), but also because of the economic interests and nonekonomi that must be maintained and through efforts to distort the market significantly

The increasingly wide gap between the rich and the poor has raised a lot more people in the Third World to become increasingly poor. In 1990, 2,718 billion population live with less money than $ 2 per day, whereas in 1998 the number of poor people who live with the money less than $ 2 per day is estimated to be 2,801 billion. This happened with the increase in total revenue in the current world average of 2.5% every year (World Bank, 2000:29).

Globalization has not succeeded in reducing poverty and ensuring stability has not been successful. The crisis in Asia and Latin America has been the economy and threaten the stability of developing countries, even the 1997 crisis and 1998 is a threat to the entire world economy.

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With efficient dare humility

I was up with "humility" is "not arrogant." Opponent from the word "hubris" is "humility". Dare to act with humility, means: do things without tough act to prove themselves in front of other people. And this requires a courage of its own.

Dare not prove themselves wizardry in front of other people, it is not easy. The tendency of human nature is you want to prove something to other people. If you prove yourself to the severity of others, without considering the place and time; it will be endangering your psychological.

Most people often forget about the "humility" when they act. If you dare to act, without humility, can lead to keep your people. And, they can talk in "behind the back," you, that you do not actually believe them, so be proud. In fact, they will be so hated you. This is the result of psychological danger "morgue".
Most people do not hold with "prove themselves", because people tend to have difficulty not to treat themselves. Therefore, I say to you, need to "great courage" to act with "humility". If a time you tempted to treat themselves, try to keep the temptation. You must make efforts to direct action, to put yourself against the "hubris" is. You should always try to practice the business to a sincere humility, so you will feel the tranquility and peace; without the need to be inside you.
It is a general agreement that more people are interested in the personal calm, confident, communicative, friendly, sincere, and not himself. You can narrate your success, but remain restrained and not give the impression that you grateful bad fortune of others. Try He practical day-to-day "humility", and feel your spirit.
Regard Extraordinary Prima

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No special conditions required for someone to start thinking. Even for people who just wake up sleeping in the morning, there are also many things that can be encouraged to think.
Was a day long before someone who just got up from pembaringannya in the morning. A day feeling tired or where the bullpen has been sirna drowsiness. He was ready to start the day. When will this thinking, he remember a word of God:
"He is appointed for the night (as) clothes, and sleep for the rest, and he made the day trying to build." (QS. Al-Furqaan, 25: 47)
After a bath and wash face, he felt truly intact and in full awareness. Now he is ready to think about various issues for the benefit. Many other things more important than a thought to think what the farmer food for breakfast or how much time he should depart from the house. And first he must think about what is more important.
First, how he was able to get up in the morning is a miracle that extraordinary. The same has been lost consciousness once during sleep, but the next day he returned again to the awareness and His characters. It rattle, he can breathe, talk and see. Even at the time he went to sleep, there is no guarantee that all this will be back to normal in the morning of the day. He also does not have any falls that night. For example, the omission neighbors who live in the house can cause leakage of gas which can explode and security that night. A natural disaster that can snatch soul can only occur in areas where live.
He may have a problem with the physical. For example, it can sleep up with pain on the outside normal kidney or head. However, none of this happened and he got up to sleep in safe and healthy. Think that so encouraged to grateful to God on the affection and care given to him.
Starting the day with the new prime health that has meaning again that God gives someone an opportunity that can dipergunakannya to get better luck in the Hereafter. Will remember all this, the attitude that is most appropriate to spend time in the day with the way that no God.
Before everything else, someone should plan for the first time and busy thinking about this. Get the point early in the light of God is to apply to God in order to easily overcome this problem. Prayer Prophet Solomon tauladan is good for those who believe: "My Lord, give me inspiration to keep thy ni'mat grateful that you have bestowed to me and to my parents, two for charity and good deeds that you ridhai; and I admit with thy mercy to the group servants of thy righteous "(QS. An-Naml, 27: 19)
How the human weakness to encourage someone to think? The human body is so weak just when the riser can encourage people to think: every morning he must face wash and polish teeth. Be aware of this, he weaknesses ruminate on-the disadvantage of others. Keharusannya to bathe every day, the appearance will be visible if the body does not unnerve covered by the epidermis, and his inability retain a sense of drowsiness, hunger and thirst, are all evidence of weakness himself.
"God, that He created you from a weak, and then He makes (you) after the situation becomes weak strong, and then He makes (you) after the weak strong (again) and gray. He creates what He will and He is the Knowing more power. " (QS. Ar-Ruum, 30: 54)
For those aged information, in the shadow of himself in the mirror can possess a variety of mind in we. When the tread from the age of two decades of his life, the signs of aging process has been seen in wajahya. At the age of thirtieth , fold-fold skin starts to look under the lid and around the mouth, the skin no longer smooth as before, the changes seen in the physical form of the body. When entering the twilight of age, hair turn white and become brittle hands.
For those thinking about this, the twilight age is the most obvious event that shows the transitory nature of life and prevent it from the greed and love the world. People who enter old age understand that the seconds have been close to death. Jasadnya experienced the process of aging and are in the process of leaving this world. The body gradually began to wane despite ruhnya not changed for the elderly. Most people are very terpukau by lower feel handsomeness or infamy as the face during their young.
In general, people who used to a certain kind of face-looking or beautiful teeth arogan, as in the past that a certain kind of face does not feel low self-interest and not happy. The process of aging is evidence that shows the beauty of nature while viewing of a person or malignancy. So that acceptable and reasonable if the votes and in reply by akhlaq God is good and their commitment to God someone is shown.
Each time, when all the disadvantage of human thinking that the only Him the Most Excellent and Most Great and far from any imperfection is God, and iapun praise of Allah. God created every human weakness with a purpose or meaning. Included in this goal is that people do not love life to the world, and not terpedaya with everything they have in life. Someone who is able to understand this thinking will crave that God created himself in the Hereafter soon free from all weaknesses.
Any weakness will remind people that one thing For: plant roses that appear and grow from the black soil has had the smell so fragrant. Conversely, the smell is not very tasty emerged from people who do not treat the body. Especially for those who are arrogant and self-glory, this is something that they should think and take lessons from it.

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