10 tip for Students Become Entrepreneurs unadorned

entrepreneurship.gifMas facts taken from this site, during the course I think we as students had started their training. I did so pinginnya passed directly to independent companies make their own aliases. What I do. (Mary, Peterborough)

I am helpless kupret gold, students informatics techniques coding ability, but weak. If you create a design-life bearable gold, and photoshop coreldraw that peganganku each day. I dream of their own sensitive business, just what I think and what I need to learn now. Help me dong gold. (Irwan, Bandung)

Two questions that often appear when I fill the seminars and workshops on the campuses of entrepreneurship. Questions that we should appreciate because we have a generation of young spirit to live independently and do not depend on the sympathy of others. Many of how I answer, only to students who may still plain and simple, I gave 10 tips as easy as following.

1. Learn the background force one friend. Father and mother working as what, for example. Is there a doctor, manage clinics, hospitals or pharmacies? Or perhaps there is a bookstore or library manager? Oh there may be a work in the workshops? Learn all the information and search as much as possible? Experience for what? Hush silent first, second follow the tips.

2. Ok now select, find a friend who can be invited to compromise, which is quite close to or even friends, and have the same spirit to jump start a free business. Assuming we select a fluke or a father have to manage pharmacies. During digimanain want to continue doing?

3. earch for books in bookstores, there are books I learn about programming language to build applications using the example or management information system (SIM) for the chemist? Find the books until they are shelves in bookstores. Sometimes there are books that although the design covernya bad, but a complete study of the case, even the source codenya divided. Why can? Ok let's go find that open source only, try to check from sf.net, I sure can be found. Experience, if not also nemu? Try Googling it)

4. Now the oprek SIM to pharmacies overnight. Commercial learned the code, oprek and add functions as needed. I still think very simple. Open all image file, either gif, jpg, and png. Make editing or create a new image that is unique and special. Essentially percantik design, this lightly, and especially gamecock your image and photo manipulation (origin not porn):) Do not forget to check license that does not melanggat, and also give credit to the developers of origin if it open. Why should a loss to insert a clause "Powered by .... "Or" Engine by ... "in the SIM Pharmacies that we oprek yesterday.

5. Eng-ing-eng ... we have a software product that is ready to offer smart, simple and engine, although it ngambil example from the book or open. I obrolkan with a friend who we select before, ask him to "persuade" his father would use the software so that the SIM in the pharmacy he owned. Why should pay tut, free, live provides a PC or laptopnya course, I need to Hobbes advanced-advanced. Old computer just yet SIM, we also have not fiturnya.

6. uccessfully implemented hurray! Both with our friends before, help the employee pharmacy data to the data entry list of drugs provided by pharmacies. Do not forget to make banners and brochures on the computer was given a note: "This Managed Pharmacy with Pharmacy Management Information System (SIMAPO) ver 1.0")

7. Do not be satisfied until there, a site for the campaign, if the capital was used only with the free blog or Wordpress.Com Blogspot.Com. Maybe the pictures, SIMAPO describe how it developed. Also write the introduction of management information system, about drugs, about the pharmacies, about why pharmacies should take advantage of IT. If necessary pampered visitors with a list of pharmacies throughout the country, from which the data? Yes search of YellowPage or Googling yo) Ops so rusted, do not forget to give it around a bit: "SIMAPO ver 1.0 has been implemented in the One Pharmacy in the Big City in Indonesia."

8. Still not be satisfied:) touched another friend who has a neighbor, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle or brother both far and near who manages pharmacies. Requested that want to install, free, but if I want to also pay nolak, Rp 500,000's like, if I be Rp 50,000 for his problems. Assuming there is a fee only up to install the SIM numbers is:). Do not forget to update the banners and brochures, "This Managed Pharmacy with SIMAPO ver 1.0, Management Information System for Pharmacies that have been implemented in Some Big Cities in Indonesia."

9. Just can have two customer coi! Although still free, but bearable for nambahi Portfolio) Commercial oprek-oprek more applications Pharmacies we add features based on feedback from the Pharmacy, which already use. Fix more user interface, percantik again, create a more fresh and unique, give the new version 1.1. Start offer again, free again not only Rp 300,000 to Rp 700,000 or so okay, but when friends ask themselves the origin of some road freight is also OK:) Hopefully can continue to develop, or in the 1-2 year not to have been started follow-up to tender with the Ministry of Health Limit Rp 100 million for the SIM, so ... I Pharmacies

10. If you have cooked with a product, continues to refine the product until the full fiturnya. If interested, and to develop other products, start again from the first stage, find a friend that his father had a shop, library manager, a book store, etc.. Experience who can know bikinkan application for the workshops, library or book store. :)

Susan feels, after passing through the stages to 10, two students unadorned we have become two of Entrepreneurs:) In the friends who still another helter-skelter bring job application letter, the second is when graduating students are already independent, reliable products that have , Ready for sale and offered to various institutions or companies. In fact, entering university is not futile too, the science learned in college can be used to God our lives, can even open a new field of work:)

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