Discipline and Competition, Take Lessons from the World Business and Military

For entrepreneurs, students and business, Sun Tzu is not a foreign name. Books containing basic thoughts of experts on ancient Chinese military strategy is more recently referred to enrich the business strategy in the business world that is increasingly complex and broad.

Sun Tzu does not own. Various writing about military strategy has become the literature students in the field of management and business. In addition, the business world also recruit more senior officer as a retiree skilled reliable won the competition in an increasingly hard in the business world.

If the business world to take advantage of the many military education, how the political world?

Best Alternative

It should not be formed by military leaders, said former Minister of State in the Rudini M. Joseph A.S. from MedTrans, "but as far as this organization know that the principles of good discipline of the military is. I Thus, according to this temporary, that is the best alternative available, and we have to admit it. Sedot first system, it is understandable if a new release themselves from military. No need no longer participate in civil-military take-ber's military, the civil system has its own discipline, release. "

In this general view of the shelf, in addition to more discipline in many ways, the military also can run more superior and subordinate to each accustomed to running all with good command. But it does not disadvantage their grip on the administrative law.

"Its time I go to a civilian," said Rudini, "I make a leadership course for Camat, Camat, so they know how to lead it must be run. Only to instil discipline I love 6 months. The material to build the lead and responsibility as leaders . The result is good, so the assessment at least the House. "

Phase Change Mental

For Rudini, discipline problems that infect the civil service is not separated from the program and the construction of their recruitment. "To enter the civil servants so there is no phase change into civil servants," said the former Army Chief of Staff Army this.

As a comparison, Rudini menyodorkan example in the National Military Academy (AMN), who is now a AKABRI. AMN are in basic training that teaches everything and change the behavior of a person, such as shooting, respect, training, exercises and learning the line how awake the morning. "How to behave as a true military, which is done by the AMN, change someone so fully Military," said the general retiree four this enthusiastically, "That was not done in the reception of the civil service." Basic training program is three months plus a program of 6 months advanced training, divided for. There are trained in the tank, there is a section on the radio, on the infantry corps and others.

"Now, the civil servants who are not like that. Entrance examination only pay thin," said the former Minister of Home Affairs this. Q4 What? From elementary schools to universities continue to be given, but no influence. "It does not need basic training as soldiers, but to change human nature, is the most important. How to change a community into a regular civil servants, that does not happen in the civil mechanism," said the Rudini.

However, a senior officer retiree satisfied with the experience of this optimistic quality civil servants can be improved, and in turn become a supplier of resources for the tip-top national.

With the human resources available can only institution of bureaucracy we now leader of both, Rudini said, "We as a whole, the pay-Mechanism to pay its revenue in the process." Overhaul of its roots indeed, all starting from the bottom of it so there maturation process.

STPDN students had complained that they must start from a ravine. "I try to compare myself with the graduates of military academies in the United States but also a lieutenant and tasks in the forests there.'s Experience, that experience that I can make so general," he said.

Career Paths

Actual Empowerment of human resources is the employee's duty to the National Administration Agency, Indonesia should be computerized, all starting from the bottom, although the regions. Opportunities each person must also be the same big, so its per competitor be very Strict. If this order can be so good, so that it in any way Minister also came from that point.

Conscious that the ministers are political positions, most do not expect Rudini department director general, inspector general and others are people who understand, not those who do corruption, collusion and nepotism.

Government should be more self menertibkan carefully and determine the source of their human resources. Imagine it in every province in Indonesia, there are certain universities, may be what people around the country we are still only less?, Rudini accountable, "Therefore I once instruksikan the governor to make the high school, nonsuch high school, in order not to lose a high school graduate with similar in Java, so the opportunity to graduate with large and can AMN. "

However, Rudini regretted the attitude of the Government until the current lack of ability to graduate-graduate education leading. Even private companies very much appreciate the quality.

"Just Literature, civil servants and it is a little July, the competition is also not transparent," said Rudini, "the private sector to the quality of that company is not Insolvent. Bureaucratic management and the need to fix the request knowledge about confinement. "

Government should do this. For, there is the State Minister of State apparatuses Utilizing a special deal with matters such as this. Comparing the increase in the levels kariri civil, Rudini explain in the body of each increase military positions there are always training, such as career education. The arena at a time can be selected. This should be done continuously until retirement, up pensionary this senior officer, "who do not have it so strong. People force even I have no pension, while still pangkatnya colonel. Mau how that skill he has been, better reverse course huh? "

Competitive soul

While the world of business, SWEETCAKE Stamboel, Managing Partner of Price Waterhouse Coopers, a leading business consulting company, to remind old proverb 'Rome was not built in one day. "It requires more than just a long winding road for the purpose of achieving the competitive spirit needed to achieve and that the most important," said the XMLHttpRequest,
"He should be ready to hear the opinions of others. The company is a leader Tor Point, a komunikator who is also a good comms was good."

For All, concerning the leadership of the national question can be symbolized by the leadership of the company. "If you use the analogy is a country, said the consultant leading this," the shareholders or stakeholders from the big companies named this is the people of Indonesia, Board of Directors is the government organization and its employees are government officials. AGM is usually done five years, shared this habit can be changed every year or once the "shareholders" want. "

Then if 'shareholders' does not feel satisfied with the performance' board of directors' then 'shareholders' right to dismiss them, and the board of directors election mechanism should also be transparent, in accordance with the performance given by each person. Board of directors have the right to determine who should get the campaign, but in accordance with the demands of 'shareholders', namely increasing the value of shares in a company called (state) of Indonesia means that the increased living standard, improvement of income, the ease of obtaining education, equality of rights and other . That is the meaning of increasing the value of shares.

So for me, more XMLHttpRequest, a leader that both countries are running towards the peak in accordance with their ability and able to serve and provide a guarantee of satisfaction for the people, so that I will bear community, led by a leader with the character.

As the old people in the business world, SWEETCAKE believe the competition as a natural filter for the prospective leaders.

"I do not believe that all people have the capability to become a leader and not all people also want to be leaders of business," said the XMLHttpRequest in the M. Joseph A.S. from MedTrans. So necessary willingness, capability, vision, nyali and the ability to communicate can become a business leader. After all is ready-prepared to compete, because although not all people want to be leaders, but the competition to the direction there are very strict, however become a leader is often considered as a measure of success. A businessman who both need to prepare himself to be a leader, not withdrawn until he became a leader because he was in second position and is in second position because of "default".

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